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foodanddrink's Journal

Sharing recipes, experiences, and good times
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This place is somewhere to share recipes, deviations of recipes, great experiences with different kinds of food, drinks, and places. It's a place to be able to look up recipes to try, to drop off something that you enjoyed, to plan dinner parties in your area, and to meet new people.

Most importantly this is a place to experience new things and to find other things to be open about.

Primarily this is a place about food, drinks, and socializing with good people.

We request that you keep the posts somehow related to the topic of this community of food, drinks and friendship, but will not go out of our way to delete things that are not.

Anything offensive will be deleted. Tolerance, if not respect, is required to be able to participate here. I will make no demands concerning language, but while you may be able to swear in general I do request that there are no personal attacks or slamming of anyone on this community.


If you are posting recipes, please try to keep a format that is easy to read and to follow.
Generally starting the posts with cooking/preparing time, servings, and whether it's vegetarian, vegan, or not would be good.

Needed items and ingredients would be next and then the actual instructions.


If you post about a restaurant please post directions and location for those that may want to find it, and to be respectful of those that are not living in the same area that you are.