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sparta bourbon slush [Dec. 25th, 2006|08:36 pm]
Sharing recipes, experiences, and good times


This alcoholic goodness is a family tradition much enjoyed by everyone who's tried it.

Dio's Father's "Sparta Bourbon Slush":

1 liter ginger ale or 7-up (we use ginger ale)
2 1/2 cups Bourbon
12 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate
6 oz. frozen orange juice concentrate
3/4 cup Realemon concentrate or other bottled lemon juice concentrate

Mix all ingredients except for the ginger ale together and freeze overnight in a plastic pitcher.

Take out in time for it to defrost a bit before guests arrive, so you can transfer the slush to a pretty glass pitcher!

As it thaws, scoop desired amount of the alcoholic slushie into "old-fashioned" drink glasses (4-8 oz. capacity), fill with ginger ale, stir, drink ... and feel very very merry.

Magically delicious, and everyone always looks forward to it at all holiday family get-togethers!


[User Picture]From: xraytheenforcer
2006-12-26 04:43 pm (UTC)

I punished the masses with homemade eggnog. I should post that recipe...
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